New mom's breasts have an expiration date?

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a dear friend whose daughter-in-law was having a tough time with breastfeeding. What was the difficulty you may wonder? Not milk supply (supply seems fine). Not her baby's growth (gaining beautifully). Not her baby's hunger level (she seems to be satisfied). The issue: that the lactation consultant told her that she was "too old" to breastfeed. Sent home with the dismal prediction that her baby would be on formula in a matter of weeks, this new mom (age 42) was made to feel she was failing. Now she's not enjoying the process, which in turn is making it uncomfortable, which in turn will become one of the factors that will discourage her from nursing.

I'm beyond frustrated.

I've had 3 babies, and breastfed them all. Is it super-fun at first? No, I wouldn't describe it as a trip to Disneyland. But is it worth it? So much YES!!!  I don't judge anyone who doesn't do it. It's hard. But I wish there were more people out there in breastfeeding support roles that could help new moms feel empowered by this miraculous gift to both nourish and bond with their baby.

And to you, Ms. Terrible Lactation Coach: shame on you.

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